Specialist brands offering niche research solutions

Our brands work with you to offer end-to-end expert support for specific needs throughout the research cycle and beyond.

Business Brands

Helping researchers in their publication journey through solutions such as scientific editing, translation, journal recommendation, and concierge-type publication support.

Impact Science

Providing bespoke communication services to amplify research impact throughout and beyond the project life cycle.

Cactus Life Sciences

Assisting the life sciences industry in navigating the complex landscape of biomedical communication, regulatory documentation, and digital outreach.

Cactus Labs

Transforming business through innovation in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Recognition and advances in other data science streams.


An AI-powered marketplace that brings together researchers and journals across disciplines to enhance the efficiency of scholarly publishing.

Incubator Brands

The world’s largest collaboration platform where clients can find freelance researchers and scientists to solve their problems.

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