Client successes

Translating a technical textbook into English

The client

The client is a university of arts and sciences in Japan.

The challenge

The client wanted to translate a medical and social sciences textbook from Japanese to English. The client’s main concern was that the translated terminology be accurate and consistent.

Our approach

To ensure accuracy and consistency across both language and terminology:

  • We set up a dedicated team of editors and translators. The team maintained detailed term lists, guidelines, and consistency checklists to ensure consistency and technical accuracy across both the translation and editing processes.
  • The text was first translated into English by professional translators.
  • Expert English-language editors then edited and cross-checked the text across multiple rounds.
  • Once the client reviewed and approved the text, we proofread the final version.


The university

  • Spent minimal time on managing the project and was able to focus on other core tasks
  • Received final documents that met all its specifications for quality, technical accuracy, and consistency

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