Client successes

Translating, designing, and developing the English version of a Japanese website

The client

The client is a science and technology university in Japan.

The challenge

The client had a website in Japanese and wanted to create an English version of the site that would retain the feel of the original site, while simultaneously appealing to an international student audience.

Our approach

In order to deliver against the client’s requirements, we

  • Understood the client’s requirements concerning design, content, and development
  • Appointed a dedicated project manager who would serve as the single point of contact for the client
  • Translated all the Japanese content (across text, images, and banners) into English and got the final version approved by the client
  • Revised the original design to match the Japanese look and feel, while ensuring that it would appeal to the sensibilities of an international audience
  • Coded all the pages of the website in HTML and sent these to the client for upload


The university

  • Spent minimum time on coordination, as the entire process was handled by our dedicated manager
  • Received ready-to-upload webpages that matched their requirements

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