Client successes

Simplifying pre-production editorial tasks for a journal

The client

The client is an academic society that publishes an English-language journal.

The challenge

The society receives contributions from authors around the world. The language quality and writing conventions varied across the submissions. The society’s staff spent too much time editing accepted papers, coordinating with authors from different time zones, and tracking the status of each document. They needed an editorial solution that would ensure language quality and simplify and shorten the pre-production workflow.

Our approach

We created an end-to-end editorial management solution, with customized two-round editing:

  • The society sent all accepted documents to CACTUS.
  • CACTUS edited the documents; coordinated with each author to confirm all editorial changes; and engaged in further revisions and coordination, when required (PDF files were edited on paper).
  • CACTUS then returned the finalized document (print-ready files, in terms of language and writing conventions) to the society’s office, which saved the society much time and effort.
  • All coordination was handled through our online system, enabling easy submission, status tracking, invoicing, and delivery.


  • The society spent less time and effort on pre-production tasks. Their staff did not need to coordinate with authors from different countries and time zones, and all coordination was processed seamlessly through our online job management system.
  • The society benefited from a bulk editing discount.
  • The credibility of the journal increased as the language quality of each paper met international standards.
  • Each contributing author received personalized editorial assistance.

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