Client successes

Repurposing content across media into a printed report

The client

The client is a non-profit organization in Japan working for the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural cooperation among people in the Asia-Pacific region.

The challenge

The client had to prepare a printed report for a forum, drawing content from various sources and in various formats (e.g., audio, video, MS Excel, MS Word). Moreover, the deadline was fast approaching and the source material was not available.

Our approach

To meet the client’s requirements with respect to time and quality, we

  • Appointed a dedicated communication manager who could communicate in the client’s local language (to speed the process) and would serve as the single point of contact for the client
  • Prepared a detailed schedule for each stage of the project (transcribing the audio files, translating Japanese content into English, repurposing images and tables into text, editing the final report, designing the report, etc.)
  • Put together a team of experienced editors, transcriptionists, translators, typesetters, designers, and printers who would be able to deliver superior quality at high speeds


The organization

  • Spent minimal time on coordination
  • Was able to repurpose content from various sources into a single file
  • Received a printed report that met all its specifications concerning content, quality, and consistency
  • Was able to meet its deadline

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