Client successes

Establishing and implementing a journal production process

The client

The client is one of Japan’s leading bilingual university presses.

The challenge

The client wanted to launch a journal that would create public space for the exchange of views and knowledge about intimate and public spheres in a globalized world. Apart from getting their pilot issue designed and typeset, they wanted to set up an end-to-end, efficient, reproducible process for the production of the journal that would enable smooth production of future issues.

Our approach

The CACTUS team

  • Conducted client discussions to understand requirements
  • Prepared a step-by-step production workflow that covered all aspects of the process—from editing to delivering print-ready PDF files
  • Assigned a project manager who handled the entire production process, rectified the workflow based on learning, and ensured that all departments functioned as per client requirements
  • Delivered print-ready PDF files that met the client’s requirements
  • Passed on the learning to the client (e.g., digitizing the journal may get better readership)


  • A replicable cost- and time-efficient production process
  • Minimum effort spent in coordination, as all tasks were handled by a dedicated project manager
  • Superior publication quality

Consolidation of learning during the production process, which will enable smoother production of subsequent issues

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