Client successes

Enabling cost- and time-efficient editorial processes for a translation company

The client

The client is a translation company that specializes in translating documents across different subject areas.

The challenge

Before delivering translated documents to its customers, the company would have them edited by freelancers specializing in different subject areas. This process was inefficient (and at times, ineffective) as the company invested considerable time and effort in finding the right freelancer, negotiating prices, and getting the desired level of quality. The company was looking for an editorial solution that would generate cost and time efficiencies through peerless quality and ease in workflow management.

Our approach

We created a dedicated editorial account management solution for the client:

  • A dedicated account manager functioned as the single point of contact for the client.
  • The client was given access to our online job management system to submit assignments, track assignment status, access invoices, and download completed assignments with ease.
  • Our global editorial team with subject-specialized editing expertise edited the translated documents by the specified deadline.
  • Payments were handled through our automated payments system on a monthly basis.


  • The company cut time and costs and was able to put its resources to more effective use, as it now had fixed TAT schedules and did not need to coordinate with different freelancers for every single assignment.
  • CACTUS’s ISO-certified quality, training, and editing processes ensured that the company’s customers were happy with the consistently good quality they received.
  • The company was able to track editing-related expenses easily with CACTUS’s online system and fixed fee schedules.

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