Client successes

Breaking the publication barrier

The client

The client is an experienced endocrinologist and researcher at a reputable hospital in Japan.

The challenge

The client had co-authored a research manuscript in English. After getting it edited by a person considered to be proficient in English, he submitted the manuscript to an international journal. The journal replied, “The entire manuscript needs to be re-written extensively, almost entirely, by someone whose native language is English.” The client then got the manuscript edited by someone else, but the journal once more asked the authors to “improve the English.” The client needed expert native-English editing support that would help him cross this publication hurdle.

Our approach

We assigned the manuscript to professional editors from the relevant subject-area team. The editors edited the paper, checking for and correcting errors in language, grammar, spelling, style, and format. The client then resubmitted the manuscript. To the client’s delight, the manuscript was accepted for publication.


The client was able to break the publication barrier and publish his research in an international journal. Since then, the client has published 11 papers, all edited by CACTUS; all these papers have gained entry into the PubMed database.

Other case studies