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A position at CACTUS is more than a job.

It is the opportunity to carve out a career in scientific communication.

Working at CACTUS will enable you to make a real difference by helping make science accessible globally. The CACTUS work culture is all about delivering excellence and blending work with fun. The CACTUS workforce is a happy, motivated workforce that cares about our clients and lives out our values every day. Our employee training and development programs are designed to help each Cactizen achieve excellence and career growth in the direction of their choice.

We welcome and encourage diversity in every respect, from nationality to perspective. This is reflected in our multi-national team and an inclusive culture that pursues excellence and prizes integrity. The global CACTUS workforce includes over 350 driven Cactizens and a panel of 1000+ freelance professionals across the globe.


Why work with us

Join the CACTUS global workforce to carve out a financially and professionally rewarding career. Working with CACTUS will enable you to hone your skills in an organization that prizes integrity, excellence, and innovation. You will also interact with creative minds from across 9 nations and cultures, and enjoy a culture that takes fun as seriously as work.

One culture, one CACTUS

The CACTUS culture is about prizing diversity in all aspects, from nationality to perspectives, about creating an energized work environment in which we live out our values every day, about building a dynamic client-focused organization, and about being happy.



CACTUS celebrates diversity and actively pursues inclusion. That women comprise 55% of our workforce is a testament to this. And when you add to that many different nationalities, religions, cultural backgrounds, and age groups, you get CACTUS—a unique blend of disparate individuals who form one close knit family.


Growth and Development

We believe that skills and the drive to perform are more important than tenure and that you should choose you own growth path, be it vertical or lateral across departments. Regular performance review, feedback, and appraisal systems as well as customized employee training programs also help you evaluate yourself and plan for the future.



Who said that life at CACTUS was all about work? For us, fun is part of everything we do, be it making hot cups of tea for our colleagues, shaking a leg on the dance floor, singing in the CACTUS choir, or playing Secret Santa!


We care

Happiness grows when shared and we believe in giving back to society by helping the underprivileged. Our initiatives give Cactizens an opportunity to contribute towards the betterment of society, either by providing financial aid for not-for-profit organizations or by spending time with a bunch of children with special needs.


It’s also about the perks

In addition to a well-stocked pantry, Cactizens have access to an exclusive cafeteria where they can simply hang out with their colleagues or head on to our terrace for a round of our favorite board games.


Why freelance with us

The CACTUS freelancing community includes an eclectic mix of 1000+ professional editors, scientific communicators, trainers, publication experts, writers, translators, and transcriptionists from all walks of life and different parts of the globe. A majority of our freelancers hold advanced degrees in their field (MD, PhD, etc.), have a strong understanding of how science should be communicated, have years of professional experience, and most importantly, are passionate about enabling effective scientific communication.

A CACTUS freelancing position will provide you with a platform to leverage your domain knowledge and professional skills in the communication of science.


Enjoy the freedom to choose how you work – at home, from a café, late in the night or during the day. You also choose assignments that interest you and determine how much work you want to do depending on your other commitments.


Regular Inflow of Assignments & Potential for Increased Fees

We value the inputs our freelancers add and the fees that we offer for their services are on par with industry standards. Freelancers that consistently provide us with quality work that meets our client’s requirements can potentially receive regular assignments and a resulting increase in fees.


Systems and Processes

Our workflow-management system ensures that you are able to deliver in a hassle-free work environment. Our in-house staff provides our freelancers troubleshooting and other support as and when required.


Current Openings


How to apply

For full-time positions in

  • editing: click on the link within the job description of the role you are applying for
  • medical editing and med communications: send your resume to
  • other teams: send your resume to

For freelance positions in

  • editing: click on the link within the job description of the role you are applying for
  • pharma/regulatory editing: click here to upload your resume and cover letter
  • translations: send your resume to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the selection process for a full-time position?

We want to make sure that we work with the best talent and with people who believe in and share our values. That’s why we follow a rigorous recruitment process that includes CV/application screening, followed by test/s (not all positions have tests), and 3 or more rounds of interview.

Q.How many days a week do you work?

We have a 5-day work-week for most roles. But some roles (specially customer-facing ones) may require you to work 6 days a week when necessary. And when you’re in training, you’ll be on a different schedule and may need to work 6 days for the duration of the training, depending on the team you’re joining.

Q.Do you provide training?

Yes, we do provide training. The type and duration of the training depends on the role you will be playing. So while an editorial role will have a fixed training program and duration, and most customer-facing positions have orientation programs, other positions (e.g., HR positions) may have more intuitive or on-the-job training plans.

In-house editorial positions
Q.What does editing involve?

Authors who speak English as a second language may not be able to express their ideas in clear English, and this often poses a barrier to publication. Through our academic and scientific editing service, we correct and enhance the language in research papers so that the level of English matches that required by international journals. Thus, editing helps authors meet their objective of publishing their research in leading journals that have a global audience. To see an example of an edit, click here

Q.What is the typical profile of an associate editor at CACTUS?

The editing team at CACTUS consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and qualifications: doctors, engineers, teachers, journalists, as well as graduates and postgraduates from various disciplines like the biological and medical sciences, economics, psychology, the social sciences, and the physical sciences. But all of them have certain features in common: a superior command over the English language, a keen eye for detail, an analytical bent of mind, and a passion for continuous learning.

Q.What training do associate editors receive?

All new associate editors go through an intensive month-long orientation program. This program covers topics ranging from language basics such as grammar and sentence structure  to academic writing conventions and the research publication cycle. It trains editors to be able to effectively assess the quality of edited documents and provide feedback to freelance editors, while keeping author requirements in mind. Apart from this, editors receive periodic feedback from clients and peers and are given access to a range of subject-area and language resources.

Q.I am a fresh graduate. Can I apply?

Yes, we are open to hiring fresh graduates.

Q.Is editing financially rewarding?

CACTUS is committed to making editing a financially rewarding career. Your compensation will depend on your educational background and work experience. 

Q.What are your work hours and timings?

We have a 9-hour workday and we work 5 days a week. The work timings are flexible, i.e., you can start anytime between 7 AM and 10 AM and work 9 hours from there.

Q.Will this job give me the creative satisfaction that a writer, for example, derives?

An associate editor does not have the creative license that a writer does. While a writer’s thoughts are limited by nothing other than his/her imagination, an associate editor is required to function within the restrictions imposed by the writer. Hence, as an editor, the scope for creativity is limited. Nevertheless, within the boundaries of the processes we follow, there is room to explore your creative skills. This role will involve explaining language nuances to authors and freelance editors and composing tips as well. There is also much scope for creative thinking in terms of work approach and strategy.

Q.What is it like to work as part of the editing team at CACTUS?

Each editor at CACTUS is unique and infuses the workplace with great diversity. Our learning-oriented environment and the emphasis on sharing knowledge motivate employees to discover new strengths. Working at CACTUS is like a summons to excel. 

Relocation support for International staff
Q.Can you tell me something about working In India?
India’s economy is growing, and so are the opportunities for individual career growth. Working in India, especially in the financial capital of Mumbai, affords an expat or a foreigner the opportunity to explore the ancient history and culture of a diverse country while being a part of a truly modern and global work culture. 
Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and carve a career in high-growth industries. 
Q.Do you provide insurance cover to your employees?

Yes, CACTUS provides all employees with health and accident insurance.

Q.Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide job-specific training. The duration of the training program will depend on the role you will be playing.

Q.Which visa will I need to apply for?

You need to apply for an employment visa.

Q.Do you have a dress code?

We do not follow a dress code. You can wear casual t–shirts and denims or whatever you are comfortable in, as long as it is appropriate for the workplace.

Q.What vaccinations should I take before coming to India?
Before you leave for India, read up a bit about diseases that are common in Indian climatic conditions. You can then consult your physician and get yourself vaccinated. Here’s a list of precautionary measures against common diseases
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Q.What do I do once I arrive at the airport?

We will arrange to have you picked up from the airport and dropped at the company apartment.

Q.Where will I stay?

We will provide you with subsidized accommodation at a company apartment that has all the necessary amenities and furniture. The apartment will be a short distance (not more than 15 minutes) from the office.

Q.What is the local currency? What is the process for currency conversion?

The currency of India is the Indian Rupee (INR). You can exchange your home currency for Indian currency at the international airport in India. We also recommend that you bring along your credit card, as most merchant outlets in India accept credit/debit cards.

Q.What should I expect on my first day at work?

Most of your first day will be spent in an induction program conducted by HR. During this program, you will learn about CACTUS, the work environment, the Indian culture, how to travel, and what to eat. You’ll be introduced to your team as well as other relevant people in the organization. 

Q.Have more questions?

Write in to us at