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Who we are

CACTUS is a pioneering global scientific communications company. In everything we do, we want to accelerate the development of global scientific research, by helping science break through the confines of geography and language. To this end, we partner with academic and pharmaceutical communities worldwide and leverage the expertise of 1400+ professionals to create compelling, high-quality scientific communications. Browse through the tabs below for a closer look at CACTUS.

Our affiliations

CACTUS is associated with multiple academic societies and associations, and participates actively in the development of good global scientific communication practices.


Recent news

  • May 2015
    Editage Partners with CLP to offer Pre-submission Editing Services
  • Feb 2014
    CACTUS addresses medical communications professionals at DIA conference
  • Jan 2014
    Customized training for researchers in Korea
  • Jan 2014
    CACTUS conducts series of workshops for researchers in Korea
  • Jan 2014
    CACTUS congratulates its freshly minted BELS-certified editors
  • Nov 2013
    CACTUS trains researchers in Turkey on writing and presenting research
  • Nov 2013
    CACTUS / Editage Launches New Resource Portal for the Research Publication Industry
  • Nov 2013
    Editage at the SciELO15 Years Conference in Brazil
  • Oct 2013
    CACTUS holds its first ScienceTalks symposium
  • Oct 2013
    Editage presents at the Scielo conference, Brazil, on October 25, 2013